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A viking dining hall in Mishawaka

Our castle

This is our castle, the perfect place to watch the crazy world out there from the comfort of our brewery and public house — but don’t worry, we’re still close enough that anybody can just jump right in and be part of it with us!

Grab A Drink and Have Some Food

Families enjoying an awesome meal and friends having a great time with our evil beers. This is what we are here for. After all, it’s a public house, right? Who you are — or how you’re dressed — doesn’t really matter. We are all just warriors in a crazy world! Come right in, grab a drink! Have some food! Let’s have some fun!

An out-of-the-box experience

At Evil Czech, we honor the food we serve. From the farm to your plate, we chose every single ingredient and process with expert care, focusing on recreating classic recipes that both comfort the soul of a warrior and still challenge the senses. Think that’s a contradiction? Try some of our specialties and see it for yourself!

Join The Mug Club!

For only the most honored warriors.  The mug club gives you the power to reserve tables, pillage the keep with special discounts and earn VIP invites to special events.  Are you worthy?

**Excludes Notre Dame Graduation Weekend.