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Meet our brewery warriors

You know those delicious home brews you savour at Evil Czech? Well, they’re the creation of our awesome and super badass crew of brew warriors! Let’s meet the masters of this sweet, sweet nectar:

Sierra Valdez

General Manager

Born and raised in Michigan. Sierra has been a part of the Evil Czech Team since 2014. She has spent years devoting her time to the Evil Czech brand and its staff members. When she is not at work she is a devoted mother, friend, and avid crime scene investigation enthusiast.

Trisha Searfoss

Assistant General Manager

Gerardo Toledo

Kitchen Manager

Born and raised in Michichucan, Mexico. He has expanded his passion for food over the past 15 years. When not cooking like a mad man in the kitchen, he enjoys spending time with his family and a good game of soccer.

Cesar Cruz

Assistant Kitchen Manager

Cesar has a passion for food & music. When he is not cooking up something new and delicious, he is enjoying time with his family, 

Bryan Corey


Bryan “loves all things fermented.” When he isn’t at the helm of the brewhouse, he enjoys skateboarding, art, and music.

Joey Salee

Assistant Brewmeister

Joey has a strong passion for beer. He enjoys life by hiking, surfing and kayaking. Catch him in the outdoors with a brew and a smile.